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Dear Reader,

2011 is finally over. Not a great year by any standard, but most certainly it was a year of change. And, a year of strife. We saw Governments toppling across the globe, and more than once we saw countries poised on the brink of toppling over. That threat, sadly, continues as we march into 2012 - the Global Financial Crisis is yet to be over.

We will, of course, continue to hope that 2012 brings fairer tidings, but we do know better, don't we? While the powers that be are busy holding meetings in Davos and elsewhere on various possible solutions, we, the people on the ground are faced with a quandary, one which asks us to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. For we all know that this latest recession has not been fuelled by a lack of demand for the essentials, but by a lack of demand for the discretionary. The earlier financial crises were relatively short lived simply because they were part of a natural economic cycle; even in the late 90's discretionary items such as electronics comprised but a modest percentage of the average monthly household expenses. With the advent of gizmos such as the iphone and the plasma tele, the situation has changed quite dramatically over the past ten years, and now we are faced with an additional element - that of greed in its most virulent form. Driven by domestic greed, the gizmo sector has been an overachiever, and has, over the past few years shown an exponential growth in job creation. Yet when recession hit, this sector was the least equipped to handle the domino effect - the bottom fell out simply because there was no solid bottom. For people will always spend the first dollar to buy food, the second to buy clothes and the third for a roof over their heads. The fourth dollar is the one which has created the maximum trouble for now there is no more a fourth dollar - it has been eaten away by the two greed demons; derivatives  - the corporate greed and electronics - the individual greed. But without the fourth dollar many now have no more access to the first or the second or the third dollars - the vicious cycle is now in motion. And harsh measures to curb this greed may now be the only way to turn the clock back. Harsh measures, that impose an indirect censorship on what we buy, and how much we buy.

So, the big question -  do we want an ever changing, innovative and exciting but inherently risky world, or do we want a more sedate, but censored earth?

With that disturbing thought, I leave you to read!

In this issue:

Poetry from Katherine Holmes

The Chinese Movie  - An Irving A Greenfield tale

Regina Green's Verses

Iron and Clay - A tale by Cetti Cherniak

Plus, there is more inside

~ Anirban

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Poems by Regina C J Green

The Chinese Movie

Robert Cullen's Verses

Iron and Clay


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